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News and Events
» Diocesan Strategic Plan


Women working together for the growth of God’s Kingdom through prayer, worship, preaching and teaching.


To proclaim the Kingdom of God through spiritual and social development and at the same time experiencing the fullness of life.

Mothers’ Union Values:

 Faith in Jesus Christ
 Worship and prayer
 Love
 Peace and Justice
 Unity and harmony
 Ownership and commitment
 Gender equality


To encourage families to bring up their children and help them to become God fearing people
To promote conditions in societies which are favorable so as to stabilize family life and protecting children
To promote love, joy and peace in societies
To maintain a worldwide fellowship and bring together women from all parts of the world through prayer, worship and service.
 Uphold Christ’s teaching on the nature of marriage and promotes its wider understanding.

Leadership: Mothers’ Union secretary is in charge of an organization at the moment. Her name is Marther Obura.


Jitegemee Center

This is a tailoring centre at which girls and boys apply to undergo a tailoring course. The course takes one year. The centre is in Musoma in Mara region.


This is one of the projects run by MU in the Diocese. The hostel can cater for 38 students. It has a very attractive environment with special care by a committed matron (Patricia Maro)
You are all welcome and would like you to sponsor a student for his or her vocational studies. Thank you

Rev.Martha Henry Obura
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