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» Diocesan Strategic Plan 

 What is the department for?

 The department started in 2018. The role of men in the church is clearly defined in the Bible. As the spiritual head of families and church leaders, it is important that Christian men overcome life's challenges and begin to serve as God inspires. The goal is for men to identify and use their gifts and callings for the benefit of the church community.

Vision: To equip men for the challenge of leading God's people in our Diocese.

Mission: Focusing on reconciling men back to Christ and one to another.


• Provide opportunities for continued spiritual growth and development toward God given destinies.
• Provide opportunities for continued involvement in our church and communities to reconcile lost souls to Christ and to Christian fellowship.
• Create opportunities for large and small groups interaction for the purpose of developing helpful relationships between the brotherhoods.
• Identify, cultivate, and promoted effective leadership traits in men.
• Train and equip now the adolescents who will be church leaders in future generations.
• Create opportunities and special ways to include the youth in the planned activities of the Men’s department.
• Provide opportunities for Christian men role models to help especially those young men growing up without a Christian father in their lives.
• Coordinate fellowship opportunities for bringing together in fellowship men who are new members and new converts in Christ.

Lay Canon Edward Magoti
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