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News and Events
» ACT-Rorya Diocese getting a new Bishop

 Ministry: This department deals with the fulfillment of the great Commission. (Math 28: 19 – 20). Making disciples of Jesus Christ within the Diocese of Mara in various ways namely:

 Preaching Good News within and outside the Diocese of Mara through the Gospel campaigns or crusades and showing Jesus films and other Christian movies.

 Teaching new converts and strengthening other believers basic Christian teachings e.g. salvation and Christian stewardship

 Planting new churches within the diocese of Mara

 Counseling and praying for people with different needs.


 Vision:

To render good spiritual, physical and economical service to the youth of the Diocese of Mara.

 Mission

To provide good Christian service which will meet the needs of the Youth in ACT Diocese of Mara as they take their place in the Global community.

 Objectives:

• Provision of Christian education to the youth within the diocese of Mara

• Conducting long term training for the youth in order to get church leaders in the future.

• Facilitates seminars on health and economic issues for their well being in communities they serve and live

 Challenges: Lack of adequate funds for moving around the 72 parishes in the entire Diocese.

 General meeting

General Election: will be held on 21st November 2020 in Musoma in which other new leaders will be elected.

 Partnership: We appreciate other new partners to join us in this task of serving the youth in Mara Diocese, country and Africa at large spiritually and other life aspects.

 Leadership:

• Diocesan Bishop is the patron of an organization (TAYO – Tanzanian Anglican Youth organization )

• At the moment the youth coordinator is Can. Rev. Can. Abel Obura.

• Eliud Admini Mwakalasya is the chairperson and

• Joseph Joshua Ogana is an assistant chair person

Rt. Rev. Dr. George Okoth
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