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» New Diocesan Strategic Plan

Vicar General fulfills the canonical duties of this position, ensures the mission of each diocesan office, implements any directive given by the Bishop, and nurtures positive relationships with the internal and external organizations of the diocese. The Vicar General is appointed by the Bishop and must be a pastor. By virtue of the office, the Vicar General has the executive power over the whole diocese which belongs to the diocesan bishop by law, namely the power to place all administrative acts, except those, however, which the bishop has reserved to himself or which require a special mandate by the bishop in accordance with the diocesan constitution.

 Other responsibilities of Vicar General

1. Facilitates the development of overall mission statements, goals, objectives and strategies in connection with the Diocesan Council for the successful implementation of the overall diocesan mission.

2. Serves as in charge of misconduct cases and interacts positively with institutions of the Diocese on behalf of the Diocese.


Currently the diocesan secretary is Mr. Maximilian Sata Lyamsema. Max was appointed in November 2016.
Diocesan secretary is also the chief operating officer and manages the office to ensure the vision and mission of the diocesan implemented. Apart from that the diocesan secretary:

 Seeks to establish the best possible relations between the diocesan office and the parishes
 Develops measures and criteria by which to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of policies and plans through the diocese and review this assessment with the Bishop and other senior staff.
 In collaborating with senior colleagues, be alert to the needs of the clergy, their families, parishes and lay people ensuring a sympathetic and swift response to particular needs which may present themselves
 Be fully committed to the Diocese complying with safeguarding policies and best practice, ensuring that a professional and proficient administrative support service is provided to parishes.
 Collaborating with Diocesan management team ensuring the efficiency delivery of services and resources to ministry areas, parishes, clergy and church run schools/colleges/institutions
 Demonstrate a passion for the further development of God’s Kingdom within the Diocese of Mara
 Facilitate agendas and meetings for the Diocesan Council and perform other duties as needed or assigned.


Definition of the word finance:
In accordance with our context, finance is that administrative area or set of administrative functions in the Diocese which relates with the arrangement of cash and credit so that the Diocese gets the means of carrying out its objectives as satisfactorily as possible. We also say that finance is the application of economic principles to decision-making that involves the allocation of money under conditions of uncertainty.

Finance is one of the major pillars of our Diocese. A finance department has a broad range of roles to carry out within or outside the Diocese. Keeping a close watch on the financing function is very important for the smooth operation of the Diocese.

What is Diocesan Finance Department?
Finance Department is one of many organs of our Diocese that is responsible for managing funds within the Diocese and planning for the expenditure of funds. It ensures efficient financial management and financial control necessary to support all Diocesan activities.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Finance Department
 Bookkeeping
 Management of Diocese’s cash flow
 Budgets and forecasting
 Management of Diocese’s Investments
 Financial Reporting and analysis
 Assist Diocesan management team in making key strategic decisions

Sources of Income:
 Tithe from church workers and other Christians
 Service collection from Christians
 Church Central Fund (CCF):- This comes from diocesan parishes. It helps to execute all diocesan activities including paying salaries of priests and other church employees.
 Well-wishers:- individual donors/organizations. If you want to donate for our Diocese please do not hesitate to contact us on bishopgeorgemara2016@gmail.com

Rev.Canon Stephen Malima Bwire
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